Past Seasons

There's Music in the Air

Concert 1: Music from the Written Word

Sunday, October 26, 2014, 3:00 PM

McAfee Performing Arts Center, Saratoga, California

Dr. Edward C. Harris, conductor
Walter M. Mayes, narrator Printed program

  • The Star-Spangled Banner arr. John Philip Sousa
  • Chicago Tribune March W. Paris Chambers, ed. Boyd
  • Twelfth Night Alfred Reed
    I. Prelude: Illyria
    II. Viola and Orsino ("If music be the food of love, play on!")
    III. The Merry Conspirators (Sir Toby, Sir Andrew, and Maria)
    IV. Malvolio's Lament in "Prison"
    V. A Double Wedding, and All's Well!
  • Of Sailors and Whales W. Frances McBeth
    I. Ishmael
    II. Queequeg
    III. Father Mapple
    IV. Ahab
    V. The White Whale
  • Huckleberry Finn Suite Franco Cesarini
    I. A Lazy Town
    II. Jim
    III. The King and tHe Duke
    IV. Huckleberry's Rag
  • Symphony No. 1 "The Lord of the Rings" Johan de Meij
    I. “Gandalf” (The Wizard)
    II. “Lothlorien” (The Elvenwood)
    V. “Hobbits”
  • The Washington Post March John Philip Sousa