Audience members review “True Colors” 

January 27, 2013

Avguste Antonov

Avguste Antonov

“I had never attended a classical symphony before. I loved it! The whole experience of watching all the musicians in black playing their (often shiny) instruments, following the guidance of the director: that was more entertaining than I expected. But what really surprised me was how the music affected me. Having it performed live instead of via the radio etc is an amazing experience! I highly recommend going!” – Marije from Santa Cruz

“We had a wonderful time. We took my mother in law and she absolutely loved it. The music was great and the conductor was very personable and entertaining. This had appeal for all ages. We would gladly attend another performance by this group.” – Jamie from Soquel

“The Wind Symphony was great! I took my boys, who are studying instruments, and we all enjoyed it very much. I will definitely try to go to more SJWS events.” – Elizabeth from San Jose

“I really loved the concert. I took my whole family and it has been a true joy. Loved the orchestra, the venue and the conductor has a great attitude, too! What else do you need ? Highly recommended.” – Max from Cupertino

“The musicians were excellent, the theater was lovely, and they played many of our favorite pieces. A real bargain at the price.” – Connie from San Carlos

“An excellent and inspiring program. Great choice of pieces. The conductor was knowledgeable with an excellent sense of humor.” – Cindy from Los Gatos

“It was essentially a band concert, something I don't usually go out of my way to attend. But the draw of a live performance of Rhapsody in Blue overcame my resistance, and I'm glad it did. The selections were infectious and joyous, and the performance of this wind orchestra were flawless and enthusiastic. An altogether enjoyable afternoon.” – Dave from San Carlos

“Quite an entertaining performance, excellent musicianship, clever programming and well appointed venue made for a very nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I look forward to attending another performance of this group.” – Mildred from Mountain View

“I'm sure you have performed many great concerts, and I have probably attended all of them, but I must say that I enjoyed yesterday's more than any I can remember. It was fantastic!!” – Bob from San Jose

“San Jose's 55-year-old musical secret: The San Jose Wind Symphony. What a glorious program. Lively, melodious, full sound. The auditorium at McAfee Center, located on a high-school campus, was also unknown to us but it's a marvelous music venue and was sold out for this performance. The conductor is Dr. Edward C Harris. He told a few jokes and made some explanations about the music between pieces but mostly he drew amazing sound out of the symphony. There are several more programs left in this season including a free July 4 concert. Now that we know about this San Jose gem, we will try to attend as many performances as we can.” – Steve from San Jose

Thanks to Goldstar and our audience members for allowing us to quote from their reviews.